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Taco Snippen
Taco Snippen

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Shifting from linear to Circular Economy impacts business models and supply chains.  It requires a combination of analytical and creative thinking .  Snippen Consulting facilitates and accelerates  the innovation of business models and procurement models in an inspiring way.
  • Circular Economy: inspiration and knowledge

  • Interim Procurement Management

  • Innovation into circular business models

  • Innovative tendering

  • CIRCULAB business game 

  • Strategic Circular Economy and Procurement consult  based on quantitative analyses 

  • Direction of innovative supply chain based on   dialogue

  • Waste upcycling

  • Circular procurement

  • Procurement analysis and improvement


Contact Snippen Consulting for more information via the contact page.


Snippen Consulting is a company owned by Taco Snippen MSc. Since 2009 Snippen Consulting has been providing interim Circular Economy and Procurement consult in corporation with his professional network.

Taco Snippen is a linking factor and applies his analytical skills and creativity. 

  • CIRCULAB is an  inspiring method, during which participants create innovative business models by out of the box thinking. 

  • CIRCULAB has been designed for each group intending to do a step forward into Circular Economy: entrepreneurs, employees in the  private and public sector and students.

  • Snippen Consulting is part of the international CIRCULAB network and is the only licence holder in the Netherlands. 

  • Companies like IKEA, Inetrface and l'Óreal have been using  CIRCULAB.

  • Have a look at the CIRCULAB web site for more information.

  • Are you interested? Contact Snippen Consulting for a demo (dutch via de contact page.