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Snippen Consulting helps companies and organizatons to innovate business models and procurement  in a world where we are impacted more and more by  Circular Economy. Taco Snippen accelerates and facilitates innovation of business models and suply chains by creative thinking and by connecting (new) stakeholders.

Snippen Consulting offers a broad spectrum of procurement consultancy services aiming innovation of your cost structure and a smooth purchasing process.  Naturally, contributing to P&L is part of the offer, in a sustainable and thorough way: motivated by facts and content and supported by the stakeholders. 


Snippen Consulting offers:

  • Supply chain innovation

  • Spend, supply chain and market analyses

  • Purchasing process analyses and improvement

  • Procurement strategy

  • Project buying

  • The Customer's requirement is paramount taking into account the stakeholders' interests.

  • Pragmatism

  • In time

  • Integrity

  • Respect for people and planet

  • Trust


Circular Economy is equal to business innovation whilst contributing to a world in which  waste is turned into value. Circular Economy will impact any company and the best is to proactively embrace Circular Economy as a leverage for innovation.

Snippen Consulting offers:

  • Inspiration sessions on Circular Economy. Examples and the impact of Circular Economy on your company

  • Organizing creative workshop sessions for business model innovation

  • Connecting the supply chain in order to accelerate innovation and create sustainable relationships

  • Circular sourcing

  • Company Strategy advice on Circular Economy


My name is Taco Snippen. Via Snippen Consulting I offer Circular Economy and Procurement consultancy services in corporation with a professional network of consultants.

I am proud of my connecting and analytical skills combined with creativity, which  contribute to the quality of my offer.  

Please check out my LinkedIn profile in order to read more about me. And especially, feel free to fill out the contact form in order to meet in person, as I think that personal contact is essential for cooperation. 


Snippen Consulting

De Colignylaan 14

3761 DD Soest (NL)

T: +31-(0)6 44 53 73 74




The General Conditions of Snippen Consulting apply. 

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